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The JRS-Engine is an internal combustion engine, known within the discipline as a rotary engine. The JRS-Engine can run on various fuels without structural modifications, including petrol, diesel and 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-Generation BioFuels.

It can be used in all market sectors (transport, domestic, energy and industry) and can deliver significant added value to existing applications (lower costs, higher load capacity, greater comfort, lighter, smaller, minimum vibrations, less noise, etc.). In addition to this, the synergy produces interesting spin-off innovations for various applications (such as motorcycles, (micro) combined heat and power units and private cars).


And synergy can also arise between the various (sub) market sectors mutually, because developments within one (sub) market sector can also be used in other (sub) market sectors.

  Revenue model  

The JRS-Engine will be marketed (in the form of licence contracts).

  Latest news  

15-04-13 : Article Aftersales Magazine

Hans Roelofs ontwerpt nieuw motorprincipe

An article about the JRS-Engine appeared under this title the Dutch magazine “Aftersales Magazine”.

19-01-10 : JRS-Engine article in AMT

JRS-Rotary engine: promising Dutch invention?

An article about the JRS-Engine appeared under this title in Auto & Motor TECHNIEK's newsletter and website:

28-03-09 : "Fit and Check" test

Fit and Check" JRS-Engine is ready

After a delay of 1 year the first “Fit and Check” test is being performed on the JRS-Motor.

15-07-08 : Test agreement with HAN

Test agreement with HAN-Automotive

An agreement for carrying out testing is being concluded with HAN-Automotive in Arnhem.

In short, using 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-Generation BioFuel in an economically responsible way, the JRS-Engine has the potential to achieve significant ecological advantages, which are at least comparable with competing technologies, but with less effort and fewer risks.


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