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JRS-M01's exceptional package of innovative technologies is unique. Making optimum use of the unique characteristics of the JRS-Engine has opened up new possibilities in, amongst others, the fields of frame design and drive line design. There are also new possibilities in the field of design, centre of gravity tuning and aerodynamics.


The JRS-Engine is a new concept for a rotary engine using an array of very small combustion units. The goal is to significantly improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, emissions, weight and cost in a very space efficient package. The JRS-Engine is suitable for a range of fuels especially targeting next generations of BioFuels.


In addition to the JRS-Engine, the JRS-Motorcycle is admirably suited to other drive concepts such as, for instance, the conventional internal combustion engine or the electric engine.


The load-bearing structure is full carbon-fibre “Monocoque”. The structure comprises 3-different main-components (mainbody, front sub-body and rear sub-body). It provides the optimum possibilities for weight and rigidity tuning. The integrated venturi tunnel contributes to the strength and rigidity. The inside of the motorcycle is more easily accessible for maintenance.



The steering is a programmable steer-by-wire steering system. The steering type (classical, joystick, etc.) A location is freely selectable. The physical parameters (height, width, angles, etc.) Are freely adjustable. There is integrated power steering and integrated steering damping. It has a low centre of gravity and mass centralization.


  JRS-M01 Minisite  

For more information, please visit our JRS-M01 Minisite.



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